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IMEI Code/Number of your device is 15 digit code, and you can get it by dialling *#06# it's Free. Or Read More How to Find Your IMEI HERE.

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Factory Unlock Sony Canada Bell, Telus, SaskTel and Rogers Locked Carriers

If you have a locked in Canada Sony phone, you can unlock it here with us. There are many methods used to unlock a device. However, the most trusted and well used unlocking method is SIM unlock code method nowadays. We are providing this method with affordable prices. You can get it in no time. All you have to contact us and tell us about your needs. After getting it, you will be able to use your phone with different networks. The most significant use of a mobile phone is the network. Everyone wants to use different networks on the phone especially when it comes to traveling. If you travel without changing your network, you will face roaming charges.

To get rid of roaming charges you will have to use a different network on your phone. But, the problem with a carrier Bell, Telus, SaskTel and Rogers locked phone is its network restrictions. You cannot use a different network in a different region as most of the carriers do not allow its use in a different region. For this purpose, we have introduced carrier unlocking services. These services are simple, fast, easy to understand and reliable. Moreover, you will get many benefits using our services. Our procedure is simple and takes a few minutes.

How to Unlock Sony Canada locked and use any Sim Card

Please read this note:

  1. Provide us all the required information which is necessary for the unlocking process.
  2. The information includes the IMEI number, model name, email address and mobile carrier.
  3. The next to it, you make the payment for the unlocking process.
  4. We will receive the unlocking request and will work on it as soon as possible.
  5. At the end, we send you the unlocking code through email with all how to instructions.

You can see that the process is simple and quick. It does not have a complicated step. That’s why it is faster than any other unlocking method. The IMEI number is 15-digit unique code that is used for the identification of any phone. You can get it by following numerous ways. Just follow the “How to find the IMEI number of Sony phones” link.

We ensure you that we will satisfy your every need. Our company will give you the best services at considerable prices. Follow the unlocking procedure listed above and get rid of carrier locked phones. Eventually, you will receive an unlocking code from us. Put it in your phone and enjoy a fully unlocked phone without network restrictions.

Unlock Sony Network Code by IMEI Canada Locked

This information is required in the unlocking process, and we cannot unlock your phone from Canada Bell, Telus, SaskTel and Rogers if this is not confirmed positive. Please see the info below.

  1. Turn on the phone without sim card.
  2. Type *#*#7378423#*#*
  3. Select Service info.
  4. Select SimLock.
  5. Check where is [X] or [o]
  6. If [X] or [o] is on NETWORK and value is different, bigger than 0, you can unlock phone.How can Unlock Sony France Locked
  7. If X is 0 or 255, your counter is locked and unlocking via IMEI is not possible. That means your COUNTER IS BLOCKED, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE.

How to Unlock Sony france locked not supported models

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